Jul 1, 2020 • 47M

Want to Start a Podcast? Learn From Our Mistakes. | TIS Ep. 15

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The Introvert Sisters Podcast
Two INFJs with a lot to say—about introversion, racism, and everything else!
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In the final episode of Season 1, the sisters look back at their (sometimes bumpy, often hilarious) ride to getting into the podcasting world. They share some of their behind the scenes decisions, explain why they’re doing video even though it’s not really their thing as introverts, and give tips for what new or prospective podcasters should do to make their shows more professional.

And in the last vent of the season, Sharon and Lisa discuss how they are often viewed by extroverts (hint: it’s not good). Plus: coronavirus has affected every area of life, including education. But is remote school really working? From stressed out students and struggling teachers, to technical difficulties, and wifi wars, the girls are not so sure. 

The beauty is in the details. For full show notes click here.

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