Oct 5, 2022 • 48M

Relationship Red Flags with guest Stacey Alvarez de la Campa | TIS Ep. 62

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The Introvert Sisters Podcast
Two INFJs with a lot to say—about introversion, racism, and everything else!
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Have you ever wished that people came with a warning label? A caution sign? Something to help you avoid impending heartbreak? Or have you ever been in a relationship that you wish had never happened? Whew chile!!! If you’ve ever had these thoughts, you NEED to tune in. In this special episode marking Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Sharon, Lisa, and their guest Stacey Alvarez de la Campa share their experiences, situationships, and red flags that people should look out for on the road to romance.

TW: Emotional and physical abuse are discussed.

The beauty is in the details. For full show notes and transcript click below.

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