May 6, 2020 • 24M

10 Tips for Living Through the Loneliness of Lockdown Life | TIS Ep. 7

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The Introvert Sisters Podcast
Two INFJs with a lot to say—about introversion, racism, and everything else!
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As one Facebook meme says: “The Lockdown Endureth Forever.” At least that’s what it feels like. Although, like most introverts, Sharon and Lisa prefer their own space and company (or that of a select few), staying inside and not seeing anybody else is getting a little old. Feels like we’ve gone from FOMO to FOSI (Fear Of Staying Inside). There’s isolation, and then there’s ISOLATION. If loneliness is beginning to affect you, listen in for 10 tips that will help you get through the lockdown with your sanity intact.

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